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Ourika Valley

In 60 km from Marrakesh, this valley rushes at the top Atlas and lets us discover a small river lined with “beaches” of greenery. This pleasant valley is a purpose of walk and a place of rest for a long time appreciated by the inhabitants of Marrakesh. At first ample and making a wide place for orchards and for truck farmings, the valley cashes after Aghbalou.
The pointement of the high summits if registered between reddish hillsides where hang on fearlessly villages and their terraces of cultures. The crystal clear and plentiful water of Ourika running on rocks, sneaks between small meadows the grass of which remains green even in the middle of summer. Lengthened on carpets. 7km farther, you arrive at Setti-Fatma who remains the most attractive right of this valley.


The administrative center of the province of the same name is a city of the South of Morocco and. She is also called “the door of the desert”.

Situated on the meeting of the valleys of the oued Ouarzazate and the oued Dadès (stemming from the High Atlas) which train the oued Draa in the approval of their confluence, it is the nerve center of a vast region of the Moroccan South. Ouarzazate evokes at the same time the south foothills of the High Atlas and the closeness of the desert.
His kasbahs uncountable in pisé, mountains and dry plains, valleys and oasis green, palm groves and villages of red or ochre earth make the charm of this region and give him tourist attraction.
The symbol of the city is the kasbah of Taourirt which belonged to Glaoui, she would have been built by the middle of the xviiie century. She is represented in the new 50-dirham bills and adjoins the medina.
The urban area of Grand-Ouarzazate goes on of the side the South of the oued by the village of Tabount – sometimes called “Ouarzazate-Sud” – who is a member, as the kasbah of Tifoultoute, the rural district of Tarmigte1.

In 1928, the French colonial power in fact a garrison town. On the military plan, she serves as base of aviation against the famous tribe of Ait Attas which fights fiercely against the troops of Henri de Bournazel, (” the man in the red coat “, killed in Morocco in 1933) until 1934, date in which the fly-away leader Assou Oubasslam goes to the French people to avoid the massacre of the populations deducted in mountains.
In December, 1942, the general Noguès and Patton belong on visit to Ouarzazate.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

In 160 km, from Marrakesh, road of Azilal, the waterfalls of Ouzoud rush of more than 120 m of height. Once arrived, a track in earth allows to come down up to the stretch of water or throws itself the torrent, water mills at stone grindstones allowing to grind the grain penny forces her energetics of the water, the region is covered with holm oaks, with olive trees and with carob trees. Besides, the noise of mills and the shouts of the monkeys macaques which populate the place, these impressive falls remain one of the most wonderful places and mesmerizing of Morocco.